Create an Event Website in Minutes

Need a Website for Your Event?

Festology is the fast, easy-to-use website builder for events, conferences and festivals. Event managers finally have a way to manage complicated events — with films, bands, sponsors, venues, social networking, comments, tickets and more — at a fraction of the costs of an agency, with total design control, and no coding required.

Why You Need Festology

You don't have the time, money or expertise to make your event website functional, attractive, mobile-ready, searchable and quick to update.

Choose Festology to power your website or microsite, then you can go back to running your event, not your website. Try out a demo site!

Festology powers conferences, meetings and festivals just like yours!

Festology is perfect for Film Festivals, Non-Profit Conferences, Music Festivals, Sports Team Schedules, Trade Conventions, Association Meetings, Attractions, Television Programming and Student Clubs!

A Website Builder for You

* Themes optimized for search engines & mobile
* Connect your events to social media
* No more programmers
* Get a fully-loaded site for less than $1.50/day


  1. What do I get?

    You get a hosted event site with access to the Festology content management system.

    With access to the content management system, you can add and modify events, venue, participants, sponsors, pages and more with your choice of customizable themes, including the ability to include a mobile site.

    The number of events and other items depends on your plan. Plans are billed annually.

  2. Tell me everything else I get.
  3. What can I use Festology for?
  4. Do I get a mobile site?
  5. Can I add Panels, Presentations, Speakers, Panelists, Artists, Films, Plays, Shows, Performances, Bands, Performers, Venues, Maps, Directions...?
  6. How fast can I get my event online?
  7. What's sharable?
  8. Can I save events to online calendars?

Pricing & Plans

  1. How much does it cost?

  2. Festology has three plans:

    Free Plan: If you're interested in a free plan, you can get a fully-functional site, but with limits on design and customization, for $0. (Coming Soon!)

    Plan 1: For a typical event series, such as an annual conference or festival, the costs start at $500/year.

    Plan 2: If you're running multiple series in a year (example: if you run a conference every three months), the costs start at $1500, which means you get four event series for the price of three.

    Festology is highly customizable, but if you need our help to create custom sites, that is not included in the standard pricing and you should contact Festology.

  3. I like the sound of free, but what's the catch?
  4. What are the differences between the plans?
  5. What's the difference between an "event" and a "series"?
  6. Do I have to pay any additional fees for hosting?
  7. Is there a limit on traffic or the number of people who can attend my event?
  8. My event is new. How can I estimate how much traffic I'm going to get so that I don't have to pay more?
  9. Can I sell tickets?
  10. Does Festology take a commission on tickets?
  11. Why doesn't Festology take a commission on tickets?
  12. What am I not spending money on because I'm using Festology?
  13. What can I customize without paying more?
  14. How long will my site remain active?

Technical Questions

  1. Do I need any special hardware or software?
  2. Will I need to code anything in some weird programming language?
  3. Will my eventgoers have to sign up for yet another social networking site?
  4. Is my site and data secure?
  5. Can I include a Google map for my events or venues?
  6. Can I embed YouTube videos?
  7. Do you offer technical support?
  8. Do you have a search function?
  9. Am I locked in to the current version of Festology?
  10. How are themes optimized for search engines?

Hosting & Domain Questions

  1. Can I use my own domain?
  2. I don't have a domain. Can I still use Festology?
  3. How do I get my own domain that I can use with Festology?
  4. Do I have to install anything on my server?
  5. I have images/video/audio. Where do I host those?